Oracle’s long array of solutions are the driving force behind many enterprise operations around the world. Known for its sophisticated relational database, the company is serving as the backbone for many Fortune 1000 corporations. Being the first company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software, Oracle today remains the best pick in running financials, server and storage systems, middleware and engineered systems. The company serves almost every other industry vertical including engineering and construction, healthcare, insurance, financial services, life sciences, telecommunications, automotive, industrial manufacturing and oil and gas.

Oracle enables its clients save significant costs by outsourcing their core computing functions, rather than running and maintaining a slew of servers in-house. The company has spent the last 10 years rewriting every one of its on-premises enterprise application for the cloud. As a result, the company is in a position to offer the bestin-class cloud based services to meet client requirements. Services like the Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)-lowering customer’s cost in infrastructure; storage services featuring backups, archive, file storage; and Platform as a service (PaaS)-delivering automated work through software–the list goes on. Further, the company’s new solution-Oracle Mobile Cloud Services is helping clients simplify and secure the process of connecting mobile applications to enterprise systems and other cloud services.

With Oracle intent on winning the race to the cloud and emerging as a dominant force in cloud computing—based on the completeness of its offerings across the stack—the Oracle partners will have a big role to play moving forward. Through this edition of CIOReview, we aim to help the readers get more insights into the capabilities of major solution and service providers cemented in Oracle technologies. As a prelude to CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015, our selection panel evaluated the companies that showcased in-depth expertise in delivering integrated and innovative technologies that add value to the Oracle landscape. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts and the editorial board of the CIOReview selected the final 100 companies.

We present to you CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers 2015.

Company: Fusion Information Services
Description: An Oracle business partner and value added reseller offering a full range of services on both the Oracle E-Business and JD Edwards ERP Systems
Key Person: Trevor Allman Managing Director

Streamlining the Infrastructure with EAM Application

Fusion Information Services

Enterprise assets require massive funds to run and maintain over a period of time. Every year, CIOs invest a huge sum of money to manage their capital assets and stay more agile and competitive. To optimize and make the resources more robust, organizations are implementing applications like Oracle’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). For the life span enhancement of the assets and to manage the systems in a better way, numerous firms provide software that can aid enterprises in achieving the business goals. Fusion Information Services is an organization that offers Oracle’s EAM applications for firms to stay competent and efficient among its contenders. Over the past 10 years, Fusion IS has been operating in the EAM and project management area. “By working on several complex projects, we have gained the experience and knowledge to build our own Project Portfolio Management as a Service (PPMaaS) solution,” says Trevor Allman, MD, Fusion IS.

We are being approached and referred by Oracle for all EAM projects to help companies manage their assets in the most feasible manner.

Being a niche player in the Oracle ecosystem, Fusion IS leverages Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) applications—JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business—and injects these solutions into the infrastructure for better management of systems. “With our deep expertise and knowledge around EAM, we assist companies in managing the physical assets with ease and aid them in aligning the entire organization as per the business needs and workflow,”states Allman. “We are being approached and referred by Oracle for all EAM projects to help companies manage their assets in the most feasible manner.”

trevor-allmanFusion IS has completed several projects over the years in integrating EAM solutions across clients’ infrastructure. The firm considers its Johannesburg assignment as one of the most important ones, which enabled them to gain recognition in the EAM landscape. For instance, Johannesburg Metrobus, a government owned business that runs a fleet of buses was Fusion IS’s first EAM project. The client was in need of a robust solution to replace their third party EAM application which integrated into E-Business financials suite. Fusion IS assisted Metro bus to supersede standalone maintenance system with E-Business EAM and integrated it into the rest of E-business financials suite, inventory, and procurement systems. “We used most of the EAM functionality that is available in the product for this project as the client maintains their fleet of buses internally,” states Allman. Using EAM, the client was able to track components within the bus motors and gearboxes—gaining visibility across all their operations.

The success stories Fusion IS speaks volumes of its expertise in EAM. When queried on the tenacious journey of the company, Allman says, “We develop solutions around our strengths and client needs, and leave the non performing products and markets behind. Our reputation is built on results and trust— we frequently receive repeat work from our clients.” With their deep knowledge of EAM, several big firms like Oracle seek Fusion IS’s assistance for IT projects.

Moving ahead, Fusion IS intends to continue its current services across the EAM arena. “We are determined to support JD Edwards for as long as our clients require it. As we hold a strong foothold in EAM practice, we would like to take our business to further heights,” asserts Allman. On the expansion front, Fusion IS has plans of expanding its horizon across Africa, Europe, and Australia. “We expect to grow further in these regions as we believe that our PPMaaS solution will be in great demand in these territories,” concludes Allman.

Article written by: CIO Review