Project Portfolio Management as a Service

The Fusion Project Portfolio Managament as a Service (PPMaaS) is our latest innovation.  It uses Oracle’s Cloud Primavera or Instantis Project Management software combined with our rapid implementation expertise and the PRINCE2 industry proven project management methodology. We chose PRINCE2 as it is more appropriate for our clients in the region, with many South African organisations having a close link with the United Kingdom as well as PRINCE2 providing a good framework for a large percentage of private sector and government projects and program management.

Our experience has enabled us to develop a simple, yet effective and appropriate set of project management controls that are built into the software.  Our solution is Agile ready for clients who desire an Agile approach to their project management. The objective of this PPMaaS is to build project management capability within a clients’ organisation so that they get the benefits of improvements in:

  • Governance
  • Reduction in project failures
  • Project predictability, and
  • Ultimately to be able to run their portfolio of projects without our help.

PMI research has shown that 80% of PMO’s (Project Management Offices) are at a level 1 or 2 maturity. Our solution helps clients improve their project management maturity through our unique combination of Process, People, and Technology. In addition to the PPMaaS solution, we can also provide certified PRINCE2 project managers to run a clients’ project/s.

PRINCE2 Process Model

This is a sample of the PRINCE2 process diagrams that we would use when setting up a Project Management Office for a client. The PPMaaS solution includes standard PRINCE2 templates for documentation and template project plans needed for governance improvements.  These templates ­are built into the software.

Unlocking Leadership from Within

To further improve a client’s project management capability, we have a unique training and coaching programme for project managers called Unlocking Leadership from Within. The objectives of this programme are to coach project managers to understand meaning, attitude, loyalty, power, responsibility, engagement, trust and openness.  These are a subset of all possible leadership skills that a person can learn, but in our opinion are the most important ones for a project manager.


We start the Programme with an assessment, but it is not a personality profile. We use the assessment to predict:

  • what motivates a project manager,
  • what is their work attitude,
  • how the project manager prefers to communicate, and
  • how a project manager prefers to act in a work context.

Based on feedback from past students, people generally agree with 90% of the patterns and the assessment results are consistent after a retest. Furthermore, the assessment can predict with accuracy from 45% to 65% of actual work performance of managers, professionals and staff.

Group Dialogues/Training

Group dialogues are used to facilitate discussion and reflection on the specific areas of opportunity for improvement as they relate to each project manager. The six dialogue/training sessions (see topics in the infographic) typically run a day a week for 6 weeks and cover:

  • Leadership from Within,
  • Self-Awareness,
  • Motivation and Commitment,
  • Communication,
  • Personal Efficiency and Decision Making, and
  • Conflict Management


We use benchmarking to measure assessment results against an international leadership benchmark primarily to align a project managers’ behaviour towards the set standards and create the personal awareness of opportunities for personal growth. This gives the tangible measures for giving and receiving feedback in a way that leads to higher levels of performance.

On the Job Consultation

The Programme facilitator will meet with each project manager for a maximum of four times either during the six week training sessions or afterwards to discuss the specific leadership requirements of each project manager.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is considered a key enabler for leadership development, empowerment and transformation, being a long term solution to making sustainable changes. Some of the results that have been identified are:

  • Excellent Motivation
  • Improved Communication and Listening
  • Greater level of Accomplishment
  • Better Alignment to Company and Personal Goals
  • Effective Conflict Resolution